Hello world!

Like most people I have an ordinary life. I am 44 years old who feels herself quite young, working nine to five every workday of the week and living in a complex city like Istanbul. The only unusual thing is cycling in my life. Cycling makes me happy even write about. Especially I listen my music over and over again while I am cycling, there is no one happier than me in the world.

When I was a little girl , I was not person who was playing with dolls .I guess because of my brother. I did not like fancy dress. For me, meaning of playing was climbing, running and keeping up imagine heroes with my brother. I started cycling with my brother’s bike which was a gift. It was a permanent memory while the teenage years.

If you asking why I started cycling after some break. My lonely good times were while cycling. For this I thing I tried all the sports that I could such as tennis, pilates, long walks also sailing. For tennis we need a partner, for pilates we need a saloon, even for sailing we need wind but for bike you do not need anything. Bike remembered me to feel the freedom which I have already forgotten. As fast as to travel but also as slow as to see the sorround.

I gave up three things from my life

  • My car
  • The crowded traffic and the buses which are full of people
  • The gyms where I go briskly

So remains to me

  • Do I want to go work …

  • Do I want to look fancy …

  • Do I want to be fit …

Briefly what we need is just two wheels, just leave to it.

Hoping of making kilometers with the bike …

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